The Small Business Trump Card

There are lots of card games where the winner is determined by which player is holding the trump card. The same thing is true in business, and it is especially true with small businesses. The world of small business is made up of winners and losers. It's like a law of physics, I suppose. You can't have a winner unless there is a corresponding loser.

I have always had a huge desire to be a winner, and I don't apologize for that attitude. I want to win – I play to win, and if you want to be a winner, then you must also play to win. You just need to know what the trump card is, and be sure that you have it in your hand.

I'm going to tell you want the trump card is. This is the one thing that practically guarantees that you will be the winner in any business contest. What is that one thing? It's PASSION!

You see, being really and truly passionate about your business, your product, your service, means that you are going to be the most informed person at any gathering of people in the field. Because you are more passionate than everybody else, you take your time and put forth the necessary energy to learn everything you can about your topic. You never just hit the "high spots." You delve deeply and learn everything there is to know about your chosen field. That is passion in action!

You can't be really passionate about any topic without being willing to give your very best, try harder, work longer, and work HARDER than everybody else. So being really passionate about your topic is the secret weapon – the trump card – that will guarantee you the win, every time!