Where am I going and how do I to get there?

Any successful sportsperson or team has a detailed plan in place before the game starts. It has to be the same for you.

They also have a operational plan to ensure the right elements are in place for the long term. 

Yet, many companies today think it’s okay to just change directions on the fly without a substantial degree of advance planning. 

While adaptability is an admirable trait, especially in a time of rapid change for both markets and media channels, you still need to start with defined goals and strategies in place. Otherwise the danger of getting lost in your day to day business is too high and you will loose your targets out of sight. 

You should establish at least a one-to-three-year plan to give you a direction. You’ll no doubt will have to tweak this plan continually to adjust for changing conditions and unexpected opportunities. 

But how will you know when it’s time to make a shift without a first idea of where you’re going?

We can help you with brainstorming and setting up such a plan.