Why a Graphic Designer can not design your brand

Two of the probably most misinterpreted words over the last years are ‘Brand’ and ‘Branding’

What is a brand?

It is not what people see when they look at your logo. It is what people feel when they look at your logo.

Your brand is not the product you produce or the service you deliver. Your brand is the combined result of your values, your assets, your company behaviour and your products and services.

Your brand is the essence of your company.

Professional Graphic Designers know that. They understand your business and your values. They know how to sell this to your customers and clients. They know how to translate your values into a visual image and how to make an emotional connection between you and your target group through visual communication.

A shiny trendy logo without substance is just veneer. A logo alone will not help you, your products and your messages being heard or understood by the people you want to reach. The design of a logo is only one part of a well planned and successfully delivered brand strategy. Setting up that strategy is a marketer's job. Giving it a voice is the job for the Graphic Designer.

Successful relationships between Marketers, Business Owners and their Graphic Designers are long-term relationships. Professional Graphic Designers will keep an eye on the strategy and will think ahead and adjust the image if necessary to help the brand growing staying successful over the years.

Finding the right Graphic Designer is probably as tricky as finding the right pair of shoes. It is easy to buy sexy looking heels, the shops are full of them. It's not hard to find a cheap pair either. But they are likely to hurt your feet after a couple of hours and will probably fall apart before the end of the season. It pays off to spend a bit of time to find a pair of really good looking, well made shoes which sit comfortably and which support you and your feet over a long time, no matter how rough the streets are.